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House Sitting
Protect your property from vandalism and burglaryWintersnight house sitting services provide peace of mind when you are away.


  • Protect your home from burglars and vandals
  • Pet care
  • Maintenance of indoor plants, lawn, garden
  • Mail collection and bill payments
  • Keep a list of visitors, phone answering and forwarded messages if required
  • Keep house clean and tidy for your return
  • Prevent pipes bursting, or other mishaps
  • Daily phone or email update reports available for peace of mind
  • For vacant properties for sale, welcome potential purchasers
  • Housesitters are bonded
  • They bring their own bed linen
  • Housesitters won't leave until you return, in case you are delayed
  • Pre-housesitting interviews available
  • Customized security and task checklists
House sitting by Wintersnight keeping this home in well maintained condition